I'm with Her because......

As a recovering Bernie supporter during the presidential primaries I had mixed feelings about the Clinton candidacy. Then I listened to the Democratic convention and learned what she has done for children's health, how supportive she was personally to first responders in her home state of New York. I knew I could trust her appointments to the Supreme Court, her support of women and gay rights. So I decided to throw my support her way, and rather than just go and vote I wanted to do more, so I started a photography project: "I'm with Her because...."

I wanted people to say how they feel about her, free of media bias. So I decided to photograph people in my home city of San Francisco. We have a diverse population here, many ethnicities, many income levels. And I discovered they all have something interesting to say.

First woman up in this little series is my friend Anne Ireland:


My name is Anne Ireland, and like Hillary Clinton, I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, in Mount Prospect, about fifteen mile northwest of Park Ridge, where she grew up. I am a year older than her, and so, as someone who came of age in the late sixties, I am very well aware of the sexism of my male peers. When I see Clinton vilified and held to standards her male peers need not concern themselves with, I am enraged, because nothing much has changed since males in the counter culture dismissed me as a “chickie.” However, I am also inspired, because she has never lost her temper, or responded in kind to her critics. She also listens, even though she has been mocked for her listening tours. She belongs in the White House. She is a dedicated public servant, she’s still on her feet, and she knows what she’s doing. I'm with her.