My grandfather was an immigrant, and so was yours I'll bet

I am blessed to live in a city of immigrants---blessed because San Francisco is a really, really interesting town. I challenge you to find a city with better Chinese restaurants, or Indonesian, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Salvadoran, Japanese, or Ethiopian.

I work with immigrants and many of my patients are immigrants. They moved here because they wanted a better life for their children and because they fled violence in their home country. My own grandfather immigrated to this country from Sweden when he was 18 years old and I wish I'd thought to ask him why. He retired in southern Wisconsin by Lake Geneva, because it reminded him of Lake Siljan in Dalarna province in Sweden where he grew up. 

From my photo campaign "I'm with Her because...." Roughly translated from the Chinese characters this sign says: Cultural diversity adds luck and joy to American life. Personally I'll add that it certainly has enlarged my world.