Sound logic, not sound bites

A message and photograph from my friend Kimberley Rodler.....

"I painted this sign on a 8 foot tall by 4 food wide piece of cardboard because, "I Am With Her."    While one candidate keeps messing around with reckless words, Senator Secretary Clinton expresses her experience, intelligence, sensible nature and demonstrates the power to lead us.    End of the week she said, "Ideas, not insults." 

I painted, "Ideas not insults, Knowledge not intuition, Sound logic not sound bite" in my garage in Marin County.  I took the Larkspur ferry with the sign to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal.  Then I carried the sign down Market Street to the bus heading to Hillary Clinton Headquarters. 

I choose to be an active volunteer rather that live in fear that the other candidate will become president by hogging press coverage and playing on peoples' fear.  If you want to be an active supporter of Hillary Clinton please volunteer at 1001 Van Ness Avenue at O'Farrell Streetfrom 10:oo am to 8:oo pm daily.  About 50 days remain until Election Day November 8, 2016."